Frequently Asked Questions

How long will solar lighting keep working?

All or our solar lights are made from high grade steel or aluminum to last a lifetime.  The solar lights are all rated for 50,000 hours of lighting (approx. 13 years).  The rechargeable batteries will need to be replaced periodically (1-2 years depending on environment) and can be purchased through our website for a lower cost than at retail.

I have an 8’ x 4’ sign that I want to light. What do you recommend?

We recommend both the SolarLeadLight and the Solar Billboard Light.  The SolarLeadLight lights are somewhat brighter and good for seeing signs from a distance or when other ambient light is present.  Both will work well for your sign.

I have a large double sided sign.

The SolarLeadLight 2 is designed specifically for large format double sided sign boards.  It comes with two (2) light tubes and stays lit for 5 hours after dusk.

I am a real estate agent and have a number of signs that I want to light.

The Solar Sign Light is designed specifically for residential realty signs to provide the brightest illumination. You should take advantage of the discounted 5 light pack to light all your signs

Is there any problems with theft of these solar lights?

We have taken precautions with developing these products to deter theft.  Anti-theft fasteners are one way to prevent theft.

I’m not very handy. Will I need someone to install these lights for me?

With the exception of the SolarLeadLight, you should have no problem installing these lights yourself with a simple screwdriver or the supplied security screws and tool.  The SolarLeadLight, although easy to install, may require additional help.


More questions?

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