The Solar Sign Light Specifications


  1. Total weight of light, with batteries, 5.2 pounds.
  2. White die-cast aluminum housing.
  3. Power source – 2 sets of rechargeable NiMH AA batteries.
  4. 4. 2 tamper-resistant security screws; security driver included.
  5. Physical dimensions: 14.5″L x 11″W x 2″D.
  6. 20 daylight LEDs (5500k).
  7. 12 solar collectors on top side of unit.


Solar Lead Light Specifications:

Each Solar Lead Light is designed and guaranteed to last a minimum of 5 years, providing maintenance free lighting to your commercial property signage (excluding battery replacement).

Extra Wide Light Tube

  • 39” wide weatherproof light tube provides light over the entire surface of your property sign.
  • 59 bright white LED bulbs with 50,000 hour lighting life
  • Designed for even light disbursement across large sign surfaces
  • Pre-assembled mounting brackets for fast installation
  • 84 inch cord to reach battery box on any configuration sign

Lighting Controller

  • Lights turn on approximately 15 minutes after each sunset, changing each day as the nights get longer or shorter
  • LED lighting stays lit for 5 hours after sunset each night

Solar Panel

  • 20” x 13” panel with blue silicon nitride anti-reflection coating
  • 18V maximum output; 1.11A optimum operating current
  • Working temperature – 60F to 130F (- 40C to 60C)
  • TUV Rheinland tested and approved
  • 38” mounting pole with 3 point positioning for optimum solar capture

Battery (recommended from Batteries Plus)

  • Werker WKA12-18NB; specifically designed for lighting systems
  • 12 volt; 18AH (ampere hour) deep cell recharging battery operates2 LED light tubes for up to 3 days with no sunlight
  • 5 year service life; sealed lead acid absorbed glass mat
  • Custom sealed metal battery box with quick connect plug-ins for 1 solar panel connection and 1 or 2 LED light tubes